2022-05-06      Android Study Jam- Unidad 5: Persistencia de Datos      GDSC UNICA

2022-02-28      Kotlin Kickstart      Innovation Lab Galileo

2022-01-13      Kotlin Starter Pack      JConf Centroamerica

2021-12-10      Jetpack Compose and Traditional Views      DevFest del Sur

2021-09-18      Android 12 Meetup      GDG Lerma de Villada

2021-03-24      Common mistakes when you are...      Guatemala Kotlin User Group

2021-03-12      Try-n-catch: Kotlin ¿Solo para Android?      GDG Xela

2021-01-28      Become an Android Developer - Navigation      DSC Universidad Galileo

2021-01-20      ASG - Constraint Layout and Data Binding      DSC Universidad Galileo

2021-01-05      Java & Kotlin Interoperabilidad al 100      JConf Mexico

2020-11-18      Android Study Group - Layouts      DSC Universidad Galileo

2020-11-13      Android Study Group - Build your first app      DSC Universidad Galileo

2020-09-04      with(KotlinersKt) { kotlin = "1.4" }      Guatemala Kotlin User Group

2020-08-22      Introducción a Firebase ML Kit      GDG San Salvador

2020-08-18      Android ❤️ Kotlin      Android 11 Meetup Latam

2020-08-14      episodes[6] = "Inline Functions"      Guatemala Kotlin User Group

2020-07-24      episodes[3] = "Android KTX"      Guatemala Kotlin User Group

2020-07-10      episodes[1] = "Kotlin for Data Science"      Guatemala Kotlin User Group

2020-07-03      episodes[0] = "Kotlin Starter Pack"      Guatemala Kotlin User Group

2020-05-27      Jetpack Compose Basics      JUG Nicaragua

2020-05-05      Kotlin Starter Pack      SG Virtual Conference

2020-04-21      Kotlin Azure functions for Android developers      Azure Guatemala

2020-04-03      Kotlin Starter Pack      Innovation Lab Galileo